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Eleven was supposed to die in the first season of “strange Affairs”!

Yesterday in sale the book “Very strange things: Worlds turned inside out”, revealing the secrets behind the scenes of the series, and something already comes out. So it became known that the two lead characters was supposed to die in the first season!

First, as you can guess by the title of the article, the heroine Millie Bobby brown was not destined to survive: Eleven sacrificed themselves in the final. However, as noted by Ross Duffer in the book, later revised ending:

Initially, it was the ultimate game. But as soon as we realized that the show may last longer than one season, we had to leave it in limbo, because deep down we knew that the show simply won’t work without Eleven. And at this point we already knew how special was Millie. To continue with the “Very strange things”, the Eleven had to come back.

What about the second victim, who was never born?

It turns out that we are talking about Steve Harrington. As you remember in the first season, he is basically a handsome bad boy and only the final selects right direction. The creators recognized that in the second season of the hero himself left Jo Kiri, good young actor can boast not only great hair, but not weak, and charisma. Last year, the “mummy Steve” the bat lit on the screen, so that guy is clearly not nothing left alive.

Well, we are waiting for the third season of “strange Affairs”, which should be in the summer of 2019.

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