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Elena Volatile, Aurora, Tata Bondarchuk and other stars on display in “Color”

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15 March was held the presentation of the collection of the Shoe brand Portal for the Department Store “Color”. The inspiration for the collection was the Department Store. Each model of Shoe reflects its unique architecture: graphic, crisp lines, mirrored surfaces. Be the first to rate this collection came Yulianna Karaulova, Aurora, Tata Bondarchuk, Katya Dobryakova and many others.

Don’t miss the presentation and Elena Letuchaya, who recently returned from vacation in the French Alps. Star often goes out in clothes black, and this case was no exception. The presenter gave a preference a stylish black suit, which complements the white top and glasses and massive bag.

Елена Летучая

Елена Летучая


Анастасия Меськова

Наталья Рубцова

Алиса Радлова

Александра Михалкова

Анжелика Тиманина

Анна Ивченко

Алеко Илиопуло (Portal)

Екатерина Шапица

Дарья Малыгина

Ксения Чилингарова

Лаура Джугелия

Ирина Чайковская

Лидия Александрова

Катя Добрякова

Лиза Аминова, Юлия Прудько

Мари Коберидзе

Мария Михайлова

Оксана Рим

Ольга Калаева

Павел Бобров

Тата Бондарчук

Светлана Родина

Татьяна Азатян

Милана Пич

Юлианна Караулова

Юлия Ремпель

Ясмина Муратович

After a rest Flying back to secular life. The blonde also visited the fashion show of shoes Alla Pugachova brand “Econika”.

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