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Elena Kravets told about parenting. Video

Елена Кравец рассказала о воспитании детей. ВидеоOne of the topics of conversation was the question Eugene about the punishment of children.

Ukrainian charwomen Elena Kravetz gave an interview in which he shared the upbringing of their children.

The Ukrainian actress, TV presenter and showwomen Elena Kravets, who recently became the front-woman to show Women’s quarter, was recently interviewed for Evgenia Ghalenoi and its programme of Jenin Magazine, which is published on YouTube.

So, on April 26, on channel episode where the girl Jack talked to an established artist Elena tastes, parenting and much more.

Elena admitted that he never punishes their kids. Note that Kravets has an older daughter, Masha, which this year celebrated 16 years, and in addition Kravets husband and raising three year old twins Katya and Vanya. By the way, in an interview with Woman Magazine, sowomen first showed their babies. On the issue of penalties Elena replied simply and briefly – her children, she does not punish.

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