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Elena Kravets spoke about a “Quarter 95”

Елена Кравец разоткровенничалась о «Квартале 95»The actress gave an interview.

The only actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz became the heroine of the author’s program by Anatoly Anatolich “ze Interviewer”.

A few interesting quotes from the conversation with Lena Kravets:


“We were going to have a second child. The second child, not the child. And went to it. Here in the quarter, started the second round. Apparently the time has come when the kids grow up, and you want all these cubs. I knew that great age and the other is motherhood, and it’s all understood, because her childhood flew by. We’ve been to this was. On ultrasound: “so the first 3 weeks… and the second..” I said, “As a second?!” “Oh, and you didn’t know? You have twins”! Say “No” She: “Yes,” I said, “let’s See if this previous person ultrasound…”. I couldn’t believe it! It could happen to anyone but me! It’s a dream, pinch me. And I’m calling my husband, saying, “Gray…” He said, “What it was you on the ultrasound?!” I said, “Sit down, I beg you.” “That’s two of them right?!” Say “Yes”. “Class! Class!” And everything and he just brought me out of trance. And began all these jokes. And somehow he made it all so light. Say: “You don’t understand at all.. Grey, you don’t understand. There will be times when you’re going to run to the bathroom, close the door and do like this: AAAAAA!”.


“First, I think he never changed himself and his principles and what he believes. And if he already believes in something, then perhaps there is ways to overcome obstacles, break through the thorns. Dylan – man of the heart, a flaming engine, as they say. And I think most… well, maybe not a phenomenon, and his talent is infinite in that he managed to stay creative, to be artistic, to be the author, to write something on paper, to create, to be alone and to lead a large business. Well, today I’m not afraid of the word Empire. That is, in some way, I don’t understand how it would make him, at the right time it balances, the most creative, business here. And he knows how it’s all cocoa to keep the balance. Because if we left only business, then would have left the work quite well. If we just began to do and would be unrecognized geniuses, there would be no business.”


“Tanya VIP Ternopil replaced, Yes. In fact, we all discussed before it happened. Of course, that was in front of Jurmala, the guys understood that there will be a concert period, and someone has female roles to assume. We even discussed it. One candidate, second, third. They say, “well we think maybe Tanya..” so it was not for me as snow on the head. “Ah! Replaced me!” No, this was not, I knew it would be. Moreover, Tanya was worried! She told me then split, she was worried and chogos asked me vimochana, chogos. Well, really, it was working time. Everything is normal”.


“Let’s just say there was a time when I wanted to take a break – Yes, to go there. It was a time when kids were born, and when I realized that I needed a year. I need the year, because it was hard for me”.

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