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Social norm for electricity consumption is, of course, not coupons on electricity, but it is still a system limit consumption. The calls to save there is nothing wrong. In a philosophical sense, constraints are even correct. The usual pattern when the apartment even in the day light in all rooms, TV yelling for the background, the radio chatters to mood, the child-teenager in the room sounding tunes and rhythms. Some of it probably unnecessary — but we don’t think about it: burns and burns, noise and noise. Leave home, forgetting to turn off the light. If you beat us for it in the head with a ruble — we will be frugal, economical.

However, to save you always, but remembered the savings now. More precisely, got back the project stalled five years ago. And that’s a bad sign. We do, in everyday life we begin to limit ourselves only when we lack something — especially money. No money, and you start to abandon the shopping, entertainment, travel and other non-core expenses. The state does the same. When they run out of money, it starts to strain your brain where to be pressed down. But the question is invariably resolved at our expense.

On a state save will not. It will not be squeezed rearmament program or assistance plans banana Republic and self-government will not be greedy. So to save you will become. However, in the economy as such the state is not interested. Use the most electricity, water, gas, but pay for the excess. More surplus — more benefit to the Treasury. Norm is an abstract concept. As a poverty line or subsistence minimum consumer basket. And hell, at least, and basket are different. And consumption too.

But you can obviously set the bar low and you are forced to pay more. Just because there are more devices and gadgets that eat kilowatts. The house included a computer, on an electric stove something is fried, the machine erases shirts and pillowcases, boiling kettle, microwave oven warms up, the dishwasher washes — and Yes, the TV still shows, and the radio says. Maybe all of these devices do we really need at the same time, albeit not in every Russian home has all of the above. But if the norm is to understate, is that no matter how the economy is and will overpay. And the state will replenish the Treasury.

The Soviet state did the same. It has always called people to the economy and the restrictions because he never had money for people. So now any conversation about the limitations need to be considered as a bad sign and a disappointing Outlook.

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