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Electric cars Honda and GM will allow owners to earn

Электрокары Honda и GM позволят владельцам заработатьHonda FCV Concept

“Smart grid” will use renewable energy sources.

Honda and General Motors have launched a research project in the field of interaction of electric vehicles and “smart grid” of the future. The goal is to determine whether you can use the battery of the car for stabilization of power supply and additionally earnings.

Edition Nikkei Asian Review writes that the project partners want to develop ways of obtaining information about the interaction of machines with the power grid. This will allow the owners of electric cars to be rewarded for the accumulation of energy in the batteries and its subsequent impact in the overall network. The study will conduct in the framework of the Open Blockchain Mobility Initiative, which is supervised by an international consortium of car manufacturers and IT companies.

Assumes that “smart grid” will use renewable energy sources, which are not always stable. Electric vehicles will help to solve this problem and smooth out dips and interruptions in the supply of electricity. In addition, for owners they will become a source of permanent income.

Honda and GM are cooperating, for example, on fuel cells next-generation technologies for hydrogen storage and drones. Recently, the company stated that it also will work together to develop high-capacity batteries for electric vehicles.

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