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“Eksmo” will begin to publish the series of books about detective Insarova

Literary series “Insarov” was invented by writer Victor Glebov, familiar domestic horror community. It was he with his “Fatalist” has opened a line of novels in the series “the worst book”, and it is destined to launch a new “dark” series. This time the publishing house “Eksmo”.

Here’s how the author describes setserial:

We all know where to look “pure” horror – like samples of foreign and domestic. But do we have examples of genre fusion? After the publication of “the Fatalist”, I began to think about how to implement Russian horror mystical detective – a genre popular at least in England (Kim Newman, for example), and I came up with the idea to start megaverse project. Thus was born the literary project “Insarov: mystical horror-detective”. I think many will be interesting to see how different authors – each with their own literary preferences – will cope with the difficult verification task is to write a series of stories about one character, the investigator of the St. Petersburg criminal investigation Peter Dmitrievich Insarova. Action time – the end of the 19th century.

The project lived a long time in the Internet. He was joined by new authors (Nicholas Romanov, Hope Gamelet, Evgeny Shikov), once a month, the Network appeared the latest issue in pdf format, and all this can be read absolutely free. Now, “Insarov” to a new level.

“Eksmo” allocated under a separate series called “Your Honor Black Magic. Mystical detectives”. The first book will be the novel by Victor Glebov’s “Thirst”. It is written specifically for the start of the series and have never glowed.

Official abstract:

That summer in St. Petersburg was incredible heat. People were hiding from the heat in their homes, but this was of little help. The drought destroyed the crops, and the town slowly sank into the chaos of famine and epidemics.
At this time came the news about the murders in maple grove. Local shepherds found the mutilated body of a woman. Immediately following this surfaced the two bodies, and one more… the Metropolitan detective Peter Dmitrievich Insarov sent to maple Grove to investigate the mysterious murders.
After examining the victim, the detective noticed that the victims were drained of blood, like the blood was carefully drained or sucked through terrible wounds. But otherwise made Insarov cold terror: one of those killed was a young red – haired woman was like two drops of water similar to a Polish Princess Marina Christ, depicted in ancient paintings in one of the local pubs. According to legend, the Marina was poisoned by his own mother almost two years ago…

Next in the series expected collections of stories – as already familiar to readers of “Insarov” and fresh. However, publishing the plans – a thing specific, a lot will depend on sales of the first volume.

“Thirst” should appear in stores during the month. Meantime, you can read the evaluation section and evaluate the cover of the book.

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