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Ekaterina Klimova left her husband

Екатерина Климова  разъехалась со своим мужемThe couple decided to live separately.

The press not so long ago began spreading rumors that the famous Russian actress Ekaterina Klimova estranged husband Gela Meskhi.

For a long time, this information was not confirmed, because the fans began to think that this is another of the tricks of the “yellow press”. Recently, however, she Klimov has confirmed that at some time they decided to live apart.

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This event occurred, however, not in family life the acting pair, but directly on the set of the TV series “the Guardian.” Wife is extremely responsible attitude to their roles and made the decision to avoid overlaps on the area during even outside of work. “We’re professional people and want to see the viewer. In personal relationships we try not to dwell during our work. Even the actor’s trailers have different.

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All this is done solely in order to tune into the role of his character,” said Klimov, talking to journalists and, thereby, soothing the public.

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