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Eight-year-old Belgian successfully graduated from high school

The child is going to go to University.

Laurent Simon of Bruges became a celebrity after finishing a half years of school and is passing the final examinations at the level of 18-year-old. After 2 month of holidays, Prodigy plans to go to University.

What he has not yet decided, but for several prestigious European Universities reported that they were ready to take such an amazing student.

Today the boy’s IQ is 145 points, which makes him a genius. Experts predict that, with age, the level of his intelligence will be able to rise and meet targets albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Simon tells reporters that he would like to become a future astronaut, a surgeon or a programmer. A favorite subject of the gifted Belgian is math, but he is also strongly interested in medicine and advanced digital technology. Almost all the free time the child devotes to the studying, reading, or playing chess.

According to the parents of the boy, he was never interested in toys or socializing with peers. Despite the fact that Laurent grew up quite introverted, his father and mother are convinced that with time their son will catch up and make friends worthy of his interest.

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