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Eight unusual ways to celebrate New year

Восемь нестандартных способов отметить Новый годIf you are tired to celebrate the New year in front of the TV.

2018 new year just around the corner and it’s time to start him training. Very soon, all in my head starts to spin a traditional question: where to celebrate the New year.

Before you make a decision about the place of celebration of the New year, you need to take into account that the symbol of the coming year loves fun and noisy company, so do not choose a celebration at the table with traditional salads and a bottle of champagne. Try this year to break tradition and celebrate this New year in a very unusual way. But do not be afraid, for the celebration in a new and unusual format, and you must spend a large sum of money. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Today we will tell you where to meet the coming year of the earth dog in the Ukrainian capital, without any financial investment.

1. New year in nature

The first option for meeting the coming New year is exactly like his character. We are talking about the celebration in the noisy company of friends and relatives in nature. New year in nature is a great alternative to the traditional celebration in the bustling city, where the majority do not even go into the fresh air during the night.

Just imagine: a frosty snow-covered forest, living Christmas tree, dressed stuck out of the house with toys and rain and the cheerful company of friends.

But outdoors in the snowy woods to rent a cabin and have a romantic evening. It will be an unforgettable new year’s eve, fades into the night!

2. On the beach

Many people like to celebrate the New year in some hot country on the beach. But if you can’t such afford, we offer an alternative – to arrange a holiday in the Hawaiian style.

Dress code: swimwear, sunglasses and hats. And then – as the imagination will tell!

3. In the courtyard of the flats

From most from such a celebration a smile. Yes, Yes, you understood correctly, it was in the courtyard of the flats. Gather with your friends, neighbors, take to the yard table and some chairs or benches, decorate with any toys growing tree and come up with fun evening entertainment. If someone can’t meet the New year without congratulating the President and chiming clock, can be put into the yard of the TV – enough to bring out an extension cord.

On this occasion I say no one will! At the same time will be able to get acquainted with the neighbors, and maybe find new friends.

4. The restaurant

The next and most usual place for the celebration of the New year is a restaurant. In Kiev, there are a huge number of institutions in various categories and prices.

“Pick me!” – cry of the administration of the capital’s cafes and restaurants on new year’s eve. Here you can choose the theme of the celebration, the holiday program, menu, pricing, location and interior. In short, there is an option for the most capricious client.

5. In the bath or sauna

Bath and sauna – one of the favorite places of the modern man.

“You know, every year on December 31 we with friends go to the bath. We have this tradition…” — said the hero of the film “Irony of fate or with light steam!”

In addition, in the capital of a vast variety of such places to stay. There are whole complexes, which can be in the restaurant to eat, and in the pool swimming and in the bath to warm up. It should be noted, during the night, it offered a special costume party and entertainment for every taste.

6. In the water Park

Another interesting place for the New year – the water Park. Today, many Ukrainians love to go out with friends enjoy the waterslides or other attractions. So why not meet here the coming New year? And indeed, the modern Kyiv parks equipped with cafés, bars, leisure areas. Besides, the capital’s water parks offer a holiday program for the New year.

It should be noted that this type of holiday will appeal to both adults and children.

7. On the roof

Another venue new year’s eve a little bit adventurous. We are talking about the holiday on the roof. You can get together with friends on the roof of his house, taking with him a small table of drinks and snacks. You can also take a small Christmas tree to create a festive mood. Unusual, isn’t it?!

The highlight of this celebration is that it offers a gorgeous view on the festive city. You can enjoy the festive atmosphere and the company of family and friends, slowly sipping spirits and oozing with delicious dishes. You will definitely feel the importance of the moment in the world come the New Year!

In addition, in Kiev there are a number of restaurants that have a similar panoramic rooms. Also, you can apply to a special company that specializiruetsya on the organization of festivals on the roof.

8. In the theater

Today many people love to enjoy various performances and productions. New year’s eve the capital’s theatres offer a special holiday program, which includes the show and buffet.

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