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Eight simple rules will help stop snoring

Восемь несложных правил помогут избавиться от храпаEffective methods of dealing with snoring.

Experts claim that the body is rested and recharged with energy, he needs a full night’s sleep, but very often it happens that your snoring partner does not sleep. Let’s look at some simple ways of dealing with snoring.

– First of all, we should get rid of excess weight.

– Do not eat at night, not to sleep in a state of alcoholic intoxication, sleep on an orthopedic pillow.

– Try to sleep on your side. It is easier to keep the Airways open. Some therapists even suggest to sew on the back of the pajamas small, tight-fitting pocket and put the cue ball. It will prevent sleeping on the back. However, it is unclear how such a ball to roll from side to side.

– Time to treat a runny nose. Unhindered flow of air through the nasal passages relieves the symptoms of apnea.

Unfortunately, turning back the clock is impossible, and with age, sleep will gradually make itself felt. To strengthen the muscle layer lining the Airways, it is useful to play wind instruments. Of course, large pipe, not everyone is able, but even a small pipe or harmonica to help cope with apnea.

– Do not take at night sedative, hypnotic drugs. It is easier to keep muscle tone and, therefore, to avoid apnea.

– Traditional medicine also has its prescriptions to combat snoring. One of the tested recipes is Kale with honey. Take a fresh cabbage leaf, finely Estrosi, mix it with honey. Or just take a glass of fresh cabbage juice and mix with a spoon of honey. All of this will eat before bed. The treatment course is one month.

– Stop snoring helps… singing before bed! Doctors explain this simply: specific exercises for vocal chords strengthen the muscles of the soft palate.

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