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Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a sensational find

Египетские археологи обнаружили сенсационную находкуIn Egypt, discovered an ancient tomb age almost 4 thousand years.

Almost not plundered by lovers of ancient treasures tomb age nearly four thousand years were found by archaeologists on the territory of Upper Egypt, near Aswan.

About the discovery hastened to tell the head of Department of the Ministry of the historical values of the Egyptian Afifi Mahmoud.

Burial chamber which belongs to the brother of one of the most influential rulers of the island elephantine (in the middle course of the Nile) was accidentally discovered by specialists of the Spanish archaeological expedition in the area of the world-famous necropolis called Kubbat-El-Hawa. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to Mahmoud Afifi, the tomb itself is preserved almost in perfect condition. Its construction ended during the reign of the twelfth dynasty of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.

The items discovered in the tomb are unique for their maximum full safety. It is noted that they were originally placed in the tomb along with the mummified body of the deceased.

In ancient tombs archaeologists have found two sarcophagi, made of cedar material, as well as a variety of ceramic objects in the form of a funerary boat, of the clay figurines depicting the ancient Egyptians.

According to the head of the archaeological expedition of Alejandro Hemenes Serrano, who was in the sarcophagus the mummy was wrapped in a multilayer fabric, and papyrus. It also preserved funerary mask, made of polychrome ancient style of unknown material.

Also attention was attracted by a strange necklace, which was on the mummies. Currently, the study discovered items continues.

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