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Egor Krid said that will never meet drinking and Smoking girl

Recently took place in Voronezh concert Yegor creed. 22-year-old singer called the new youth idol and eligible bachelor. As he refers to those titles, Hayley said in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“It’s cool, if they call me, but I guess there are many guys richer, which could also be one of the most enviable bachelors. Don’t know how to answer this question. Someday, perhaps, cease to be,” said creed.


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According to the singer, among its admirers there are inadequate individuals who caught it after the concerts. “You owe us an autograph”, “Have to do with me photo”. I do not like very much. Most annoying, when people do not understand that came to the concert, not an autograph session, there is a certain time. It used to be that long guarded. Is that overstepping the bounds and not very nice to behave”, — said Yegor.

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Many girls think creed ideal and dream to meet him. The singer has strict rules about what must be his companion. Egor said that he will never be with a girl who smokes and drinks. “Near me a girl will not be exact. My friend smokes any thing electronic, even this stuff, as she says, without resin, I think, is also harmful. I myself have started to smoke, sometimes sometimes I have such a weakness has arisen as we all probably had a lot of free time. So here, he hated myself in that moment” — shared the singer.

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By the way, according to rumors, the heart of the creed is already taken: the actor is Dating 22-year-old model from St. Petersburg Agency Mavrin Models Victoria Madame Odintsov. Obviously, it is suitable to Egor for all criteria.

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