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Effective treatment of pancreatitis folk remedies

Эффективное лечение панкреатита народными средствами11 effective folk remedies for pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. During exacerbation of the disease, can not do without the help of doctors, and the chronic form can turn to folk remedies.

Experts told, what should be the treatment of pancreatitis with traditional methods.

The main reason for the development of chronic pancreatitis is considered to be alcoholism. There and other factors. For chronic pancreatitis is characterized by the following symptoms: sharp pain, which spread to the back, vomiting, nausea, fatty stools, weight loss. It is worth noting that in most cases pancreatitis occurs in men.

Below to your attention are presented popular recipes that will help you in home treatment of this disease.

• Pudding made from sprouted oats are great helps with chronic pancreatitis and when he is often concomitant cholecystitis. To cook this pudding, should be carefully washed grain oats and then soak them and leave for a day or two in a warm place. After that the sprouted oats must be milled, diluted with water, and boil for one to two minutes. Then you need to drain and infuse jelly about twenty minutes. Means it is important to use only freshly brewed.

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• If you often pains of a sharp character, it is highly recommended to take calendula tincture (one teaspoon) several times a day.

• To prevent the attacks, you should drink tincture of Echinacea root, Siberian ginseng.

• Pain will help to remove the root of the barberry. Pour one liter of vodka of crushed barberry root (one hundred grams) and steep it for several weeks. This folk remedy will warn further manifestation of pain, and also reduce their intensity.

• Grate leaves a high ash into powder, and then fill with boiling water. Leave for about thirty minutes. Take the resulting tincture should be one spoon.

• Incredibly useful in the treatment of chronic pancreatitis is considered a decoction of burdock. Pour boiling water (one liter) a couple of tablespoons of the root of the plant. Insist broth for three hours in an enamel pot, and then boil it for ten minutes on low heat and strain. Should take several times a day for half a glass before each meal.

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• Calamus root is also able to improve the condition. Pour one Cup of boiling water ground calamus root (one tablespoon). After that strain the broth. Take it one teaspoon before meals. Recommended to drink the infusion with a decoction of centaury.

• Another effective way in the fight against pancreatitis are lemons. Grind in a meat grinder one kg of lemons with peel, add to them three hundred grams of parsley and garlic. The resulting mixture should be consumed three times a day for fifteen minutes before a meal one teaspoon.

• Very useful to drink sauerkraut juice, which contains natural substances, which enter into the composition of different medications prescribed in the treatment.

• Seizures will also help to cope mineral water without gas.

• Another effective remedy is the infusion of chicory root. Chicory root should be crushed, pour boiling water (one glass). Then you need to cool the infusion and strain it. Drink this beverage several times big gulps throughout the day.

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