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Effective treatment of dry cough folk remedies

Эффективное лечение сухого кашля народными средствамиFolk remedies for the relief of dry cough.

Treatment of any type of cough requires a comprehensive approach, it is a symptom, to treat that need, given the root cause and all the available factors. Cough different level often comes along with cold and/or bacterial infection of the respiratory tract.

The complexity of the flow of the cough depends on the location of the inflammation, its origin, the ability of the immune system to efficiently protect…

SARS treated bed (or at least domestic) regime, drinking, irrigation mucous membranes and harmless (as harmless) for the relief of symptoms. Given that all kinds of syrups and medicines from dry cough is not very effective, most of them are also harmful, we must find a more suitable means for the relief of cough. Whatever it was, but restless cough prevents to heal.

We will offer drinks, which may a little relieve the cough, but it does not hurt, and even will strengthen an ailing body.

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The best drinks dry cough

If you are not allergic to honey, use it on health.

Simple warm water with honey – it needs to savor and drink in small SIPS, whenever he wants.

Grape juice (1 Cup) and honey (2 teaspoon) can be diluted with water and drink when you want and do not want. To remember that when SARS need a lot of fluid?

Dry cough afraid of warm milk with honey and mineral water. You can add a little butter. This drink is junk with a wet cough and lots of mucus in the body. Kalina with honey is a super means of SARS and drink is good for small attenuation, dry on cough. A lot here depends on the suggestion: Kalina is a symbolic plant for Ukrainians, can affect the psychosomatic causes of disease.

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Milk with turmeric not a very common drink on the cough, although the Indians treated their children they have many thousands of years. Anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric make milk more healthful.

Tea with mint, raspberries, currants with honey and lemon is also easier to cough. Drink it not too hot. Let’s not irritate the throat.

Milk with carrot juice (fresh) in a ratio of 1:1 is also delicious and softens the neck. Its worth a try for a change.
Cook in the milk (0.5 l) one large persimmon, grind, decant to get rid of bones and skin and drink this cocktail with dry cough. Tasty and healthy.

And get well! After all, it’s boring to be sick when so much in life interesting!

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