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Effective tips for those who have back pain often

Действенные советы для тех, у кого часто болит спинаDoctors told how to avoid back pain.

Back may hurt for a variety of reasons, ranging from the banal fatigue due to muscular load to cancer of the bones, spine, spinal cord, or metastasis from other organs.

Most often, back pain or other parts of the back complain about people leading a sedentary lifestyle, working at a computer, which is constantly driving and athletes undertaking a strenuous physical activity.

So your back doesn’t hurt, you need to:

To move more. While you are in a sitting position, the back muscles are in a state of continuous overvoltage, supporting the weight of your body. When you move the main burden falls on the feet, so you can help her back to give her a chance to relax.

Not to drag the severity. If you have not paid for shipping of heavy load, such as the refrigerator, right in your apartment, do not rush to carry it yourself, after all, so you can throw out your back. Get someone to help or save on shipping. Otherwise, lift with straight back and neck, initially dropping to his haunches and good holding the load with both hands.

Strengthen your back muscles every day. The stronger the muscles the less, if ever you’ll encounter with back pain, because it is pumped deep back muscles are a powerful support for the spine. Only practice under the supervision of an experienced coach.

During pregnancy have to wear a bandage. With this accessory, the spine is sufficiently unloaded and back won’t hurt.

For a long time not to sit or stand in one place. The fixed position of the body triggers spasms in the back muscles and this can cause circulatory disorders of the spine, resulting in a decrease in the spinal fluid and the person feels back pain.

If you suffer from back pain and in this state you are more than two weeks, and after the sleep and rest you will not get easier, then a visit to the doctor mandatory.

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