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Effective summer diet for rapid weight loss

Эффективная летняя диета для стремительного похуденияSimply and affordably.

There is a belief that cabbage soup diet is one of the most simple and affordable, especially if you observe it in the summer when young cabbage is literally inundated the markets and supermarkets.

There are several variations on the cabbage diet. But in any case it remains effective and allows you to lose a few pounds in two weeks. Also, losing weight can finally move the weight with “dead spots” with the help of this diet, if it arose, and not reduced, despite the efforts.

What do we know about cabbage?

First, the cabbage is composed of a dietary fiber called fiber, thereby cleanses the intestines and speeds up metabolism.

Secondly, the cabbage contains many vitamins and minerals that, in General, good for health.

Thirdly, cabbage is a low calorie food, the absorption of which the body spends a lot of energy, so eat it in unlimited quantities.

And, fourthly, cabbage copes with hunger and not let it 2-3 hours after a meal, the menu of which was attended by this vegetable.

The principles of the cabbage diet:

– you can eat all the cabbage, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, red, Brussels;

three times a day is necessary to eat a salad of cabbage, cucumbers, parsley and olive oil;

as a snack, choose nuts and natural yogurt;

before going to sleep may even need to drink a Cup of yogurt is not greasy 2,5%;

– drink half liter a day of water;

along with a Kale salad you can eat 150 grams of boiled fish or meat.

From cabbage you can cook the soup on vegetable broth or cabbage soup with beets and soup of broccoli or cauliflower. These entrees can act as an alternative to fresh salad with cabbage.

It is desirable to minimize the salt, but better – to do without it at least a week. The same goes for sugar, if you drink green tea or coffee in the morning, the sugar will have to replace the honey.

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