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Effective salt-free diet: minus 3-5 kg per week

Эффективная бессолевая диета: минус 3-5 кг за неделюNutritionists suggest to try a salt-free diet for those who want to lose weight quickly.

Salt-free diet is one of the few methods for weight loss, which can be called health. As we know, salt is not a useful product, so doctors recommend as little as possible to use in cooking and stick to the daily salt intake of no more than 7 grams.

Naturally, the overwhelming majority of society eats, and as it turns out, on the basis of financial status. Salt is in all processed foods, and sausage and her nipples can be called exorbitant. The worst thing is that daily overdose of salt sooner or later lead to serious health problems and the first of them is swelling. Salts tend to be deposited in the bones, it is unfavorable to life and health in the future. Therefore, doctors insist that everything is either reduced the amount of salt consumed to a minimum or ceased to use it at all. But there is an alternative — salt-free diet, which is a couple of weeks will help to get rid of salt accumulation in the body, excess fat and pounds.

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Giving up salt and salty foods in the first place, the person immediately subsides the swelling on the hands and feet, and bags under the eyes.

Principles of salt-free diet:

1. Completely excluded from the diet products which have undergone industrial processing and contains a lot of salt.

2. Table salt replace iodised. At least, you will have the benefit of the thyroid gland, though not cease salting the food.

3. Drink plenty of water. It is best if you will be able diet to drink mineral water without gas to 2 times more than usual. This must be done because the lack of salt in the food will trigger a fluid loss from the body. You will start to dramatically lose weight, but at the same time can develop dehydration, so water you need to drink a lot.

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4. Stock up on soy sauce and lemon. Experts say that soy sauce and lemon juice, or slightly better than ennoble dishes than salt, only harm not provide.

5. On a salt-free diet is impossible to fry foods. Nutritionists advise to lean on fresh and cooked fruits, vegetables, berries, lean meats and fish, and so on.

To salt-free diet had the most benefit to your health, refrain from alcoholic beverages. As you know, alcohol retains fluid in the body and poisons it from the inside with their toxic substances.

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