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Effective products for prevention of stroke

Эффективные продукты для профилактики инсультаScientists advise not to give up bread.

The consumption of whole-grain bread, rice and oatmeal is just as effective for stroke prevention, and cure of hypertension – according to scientists from the University of Aberdeen.

It is known that whole grain products, brown rice and oatmeal are healthy, but it is now known that these products have the effect similar to the effect of the prevention of strokes. These fiber-rich foods not only reduce cholesterol in blood and improve the health of the gastrointestinal tract, and normalize the blood pressure.

“We have noticed a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure in volunteers who ate food from whole grains. Similar effects have cure for hypertension,” say the study authors.

According to them, the decrease in systolic blood pressure could potentially reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by 15-25%. For best results, experts suggest there are about 13-16 grams of whole grains per day. This is equivalent to half a Cup of oatmeal or brown rice, and slice of whole-grain bread.

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