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Effective methods of dealing with “laid” nose

Эффективные методы борьбы с «заложенным» носомIt became known how to deal with a stuffy nose and different causes of this phenomenon.

Breathing is an important component of human life. People breathe through the nose, so it’s important to do this process is not interfered with. In the late fall and throughout the winter every second person at least once during this period, faced with the fact that he had a stuffy nose. In this case, the cause could be the flu or any other seasonal disease. But it also happens that the nose provides, and in spring and summer. Consider the most likely causes of nasal congestion:

1. An allergic reaction to the surrounding stimuli: poplar fluff, flowering trees, shrubs, plants, dust, hair and so on.

2. Viral infections that trigger the development of rhinitis.

3. A deviated nasal septum, etc.

4. Tumors in the nasopharynx or nasal cavity.

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5. Adenoids practically gives man breath, however, most often the problem for small children, not adults, than the situation is exacerbated even more.

Effective methods of dealing with “laid” nose:

1. When the curvature of the nasal septum, the adenoids or tumors in the nose of the patient shows an operation aimed at the destruction of a contributing factor to nasal congestion. But not in all cases, the doctors undertake to carry out operations on the nose, when there are other possible methods of treatment of a disease.

2. If the nose began to lay the result of runny nose with a cold, flu, SARS and other infectious diseases, you should rinse it often with plain water with sea salt and use a special vasoconstrictor nose drops, which are able to cope with this problem.

3. In the case of allergic rhinitis and such consequences as a stuffy nose, you can use antihistamines, which prescribe the patient needs the doctor-allergist. Do not rely on advertising and word of mouth, as people with allergies suffer from different stimuli and treated with one drug, they will not.

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How to regain lung nasal breathing:

– rinse the nasal cavity and sinuses with water and salt;

– steam with essential oils of coniferous plants;

– drip nose drops that have been prescribed by the attending physician.

Remember, to get involved in the drops for a nose and a lavage is also not necessary, as the mucous membrane of the nose with severely affected. If you choose inhalation as a way of getting rid of runny nose and nasal congestion, ensure that the steam temperature has not been above 50 degrees, otherwise you can do harm.

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