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Effective methods of bowel cleansing after overeating

Действенные методы очищения кишечника после перееданияNutritionists gave some advice to those who often overeat.

Often every can happen is that during the meal ate more than I could really. In this case, the doctors insist on cleansing the intestinal tract which is necessary to perform the next day after you ate too much, and continue to be cleared within two weeks, at least.

Why not resort to using laxatives?

Nutritionists do not recommend to drink laxatives even if the person is severely overloading your stomach with heavy food. The fact is that the uncontrolled use of laxatives can lead to dehydration, and it’s even worse than the extra pounds that appear after regular overeating.

The only case where no needs purging is constipation. But in this situation it would be correct to seek help from doctors that will help solve the problem.

How to cleanse body after overeating?

Drink plenty of water. Plain water without gas great cleans the digestive tract and excretes all excess, including toxins.

Lean on vegetables. Fresh or cooked vegetables contain a lot of fiber and low calorie, so they are able to gently clean the intestines from food debris and fat cells.

To include in the diet natural fat burners. Examples of these products include: pineapple, ginger root, citrus fruits, tomatoes, green tea, greens, berries and so on. These products not only break down fat but also cleanse the blood vessels, lowering cholesterol and blood glucose.

Replace red meat with white. Low-fat chicken beneficial effect on the intestine, adding to the stock of useful proteins and amino acids that have a positive impact on your health.

More dairy products. Every day should drink kefir and eat cheese, they contain the beneficial bacteria that populates the gut and have a positive influence on microflora.

The most important thing is to try all the same not to overeat, but if it has already happened and you allowed yourself to eat a lot of excess, then listen to the advice of experienced dieticians and your digestive system with the liver somocistas.

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