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Effective mask against blackheads

Эффективные маски против черных точекRecipes effective masks of blackheads at home.

Get rid of comedones at home, you can use masks from black points.

Plus, these recipes is that they gently cleanse without damaging the delicate facial skin any harm. The mask of the film and purifying the compositions of the natural ingredients nourish the skin and improve its condition.

So if you want to get rid of blackheads, do not rush to buy expensive cosmetics. Catch 4 of the most popular and effective prescription. Judging by the responses of girls who have tried these remedies for yourself of blackheads is quite possible to get within 3-4 weeks, if you regularly do not be lazy to devote time to his skin.

Homemade masks from natural ingredients, generally not less effective than advertised drugs. Perhaps one of the following recipes will work for you!

Black mask from black dots

Black mask against blackheads on the basis of activated carbon is the most popular tool. If you make it according to the rules, the effect is obvious — not for nothing that hundreds of thousands of reviews online praising this recipe.

How to make black mask from black dots in the home, read below. You will need: 1 tablet black activated charcoal, 1 teaspoon gelatin, 1 teaspoon of milk.

Mix the ingredients and dissolve the gelatine in the milk completely — this can be achieved using microwave (about 15-20sec at maximum capacity) or gradual heating.

Steamed facial skin, apply the adhesive composition, avoiding the delicate area around the eyes. The mask must be applied as a solid piece to the same large plate to remove it after drying.

Drying is the next important point for this mask from black dots. In 10 minutes you will feel the skin tightened, but remove the mask while it is not necessary!

For maximum effect, the black mask should wait until it is completely dry. Depending on the thickness of the applied layer, it can take 15 to 30 minutes.

After black mask is completely dry, remove it by lifting the edge. To remove the mask film right from the bottom up.

On the inner side of the mask you will see a large amount of dirt, sebum and fat — and the skin immediately becomes much softer to the touch.

Repeat this procedure for 1 time a week for a month, and you will be able to get rid of blackheads once and for all.

Mask of blackheads with gelatin and milk

This mask acts as a film: it actually pulls the sebum out of clogged pores. That is why it is extremely important to make the mask after the skin is sufficiently hydrated and steamed.

Recipe mask:

Mix a tablespoon of granulated gelatin with the same amount of milk and gently reheat the composition.

Wait for complete dissolution of gelatin, stirring the solution — it should not boil.

When the mixture acquires the consistency of glue, cool it to a temperature of 40 degrees — first apply a DAB on your wrist to see if there is enough cold mask.

Apply a soft broad brush to the problem areas of the face and leave to dry.

Wait fifteen minutes and tidy, but sudden movements (like a wax adhesive) peel off the mask.

Lubricate the skin with fresh aloe juice or a vitamin C cream with regenerating effect.

Repeat the procedure should be within a month, but not more often 1 time a week.

Remedy for blackheads — lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide

This mask against blackheads gives a quick visible effect. The secret is. that its components not only eliminate sebum from clogged pores but also lightens the top layer. So blackheads are comedones — will seem less noticeable already after the first application.

Recipe mask:

Squeeze 2 teaspoons of shaving foam in a glass bowl.

Add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide. Mix everything carefully.

Apply the mixture on the skin with light massage movements.

The remnants of the mask rinse with cool water after five to seven minutes.

Wipe your face with antibacterial lotion or chamomile ice.

Incidentally, the pinch table or fine sea salt enhances the effectiveness of this mask. But keep in mind: to RUB salt on the skin is not necessary — its sharp edges can lead to numerous macrocarpon, that would negate the entire benefit to the skin.

A mask against blackheads from chamomile and flax seeds

This mask from black dots moisturise the skin, relieve inflammation, and strengthen skin immunity.

Recipe mask:

Mix two teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers with a tablespoon of flax seed.

Chop the mixture with a coffee grinder or blender.

Add the powder a little clean water and carefully stirred. You should now have a pasty mush.

Cover the mask with a lid and let it infuse for about twenty minutes.

Apply the mixture on the skin with light massage movements.

After twenty minutes rinse with warm running water and wipe the face with ice from the decoction of chamomile.

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