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Effective diet for those who love peaches

Эффективная диета для тех, кто обожает персикиIt’s time for the peach diet.

Diets are not only effective or debilitating, but still very tasty. One of such useful and pleasant diets where you can lose weight is peach diet.

Summer peach diet effectiveness and its principle resembles the famous watermelon diet, but unlike the latter it implies the existence of other products. And is not a mono-diet in the classical sense.

The principle of weight loss diet in peach is a large number of nutrients and great benefits peach. And as we know, it speeds up the metabolism, and thanks to the fiber cleanses the body and activates digestion.

Peach also has a laxative effect and helps to get rid of excess fluid due to diuretic properties. And low calorie peach (46 calories per 100 grams) allows you to satisfied, and not gain extra calories.

As there are peaches

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As we have said, peach diet does not involve unsupervised use of peaches, but it requires a thoughtful menu for a certain period of time. Menu, which will allow you to lose weight, and to saturate the body with useful elements.

In addition to the food, peach diet requires you to drink at least 2 liters of drinking water (together with other fluids, of course). And it involves a nutrition program for a short time, but not for months.

Of course, it is important to abandon all unhealthy food: flour, fried, fast food, sauces, smoked meats, alcohol and soda. And know that the diet is suitable only fresh peaches.

That is, except for peaches

Peach diet involves “sitting” on it for 4-5. There must be clearly defined and spelled out menu, without any “distractions” from the schedule.

Day 1

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For Breakfast eat 2 peaches, lunch — 200 grams of cottage cheese and a glass of peach juice. Dinner — 2 large peaches or 4 smaller.

Day 2

Start the day with a glass of peach juice and two boiled eggs. Lunch 4 peach, 50 grams of cheese and a slice of rye bread. Dinner — 4 peach.

On this diet it is possible to lose up to 3 kg live weight with no prospect of their return. However, there are several long-term options peach diet, which can provide a more thoughtful diet. But mono, which is one product is the main and only is not a good idea. This is because your body will get too much of some substances, but not to others. It is a kind of blockade for the body after which your weight will return to their original numbers.

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