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Effective diet for cleansing the body

Эффективная диета для очищения организмаThis diet is considered to be quite tough.

It allows you to get rid of excess weight, cleanse the intestines, liver, and vessels. Depending on the juice possible and cleansing the kidneys.

Particularly useful juice diet in autumn and spring, during periods of seasonal adjustment of the organism. In the fall lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that fall on the counter straight from the garden, and not from storage. In spring it is especially useful to clean up after the winter and ustavshie to replenish reserves of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Unlike fasting, the juice diet provides intake of low nutrient. In addition, juices contain a lot of potassium and the withdrawal of excess sodium.

Like any serious business, the juice diet requires preparation.

Three weeks before beginning the juice diet should be excluded from the diet alcohol and caffeine (coffee, tea, Cola), as well as to reduce consumption of sugar, fats and refined foods. For the week, go to a vegetarian diet.

Any sane person was asked to sit on the juice, would stop the choice on what kind of papaya or mango, that is reminiscent of food. However, experts recommend for your diet something that we would hardly have chosen the lemon juice.

Thus, the composition of the diet mixture.

2 tbsp fresh lemon juice – 1 tbsp syrup or honey on the tip of a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper and a glass of spring water. Make 8 to 12 glasses a day for 3-5 days.

This mixture, according to experts, provides a high level of energy, sufficient for any job.

Lemon juice is a good cleanser, it binds and removes from the tissues of toxins, and stimulates liver cleansing. Syrup or honey supply energy, and the Cayenne pepper improves circulation. In addition to this mixture can be drunk without limitation, chamomile, marjoram, lemon balm or mint. But you can not drink. But laxative tea experts suggest to drink certainly – morning and evening.

The diet should be smooth. First, enter other juices, then a bowl of fresh vegetable soup or serving steamed vegetables, cooked with minimal salt content. Well, if you complete the course as well as started the week of the vegetarian diet and then two weeks of gentle power.

Brilliant results cleaning juice diets, unfortunately, cannot be stored for long, if the person returns to his bad habits: begins again to drink strong coffee, alcohol, refined foods, fatty and fried. However, clearing the body, it is easier to refuse them or to minimize.

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