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Effective and affordable beauty secrets

Эфективные и недорогие секреты красотыHow to save money and look “expensive”

Unfortunately, the economic crisis has affected all spheres of our life, and beauty industry is no exception. If you are not willing to spend money on expensive cosmetics but want to look like a “girl in a million”, just use a useful life hacks.

Make your own tinted moisturizer

The base of any makeup is a perfect skin tone. Alas, but inexpensive Foundation rarely cope with this task. The main drawback of funds economy class — too dense texture and unnatural color. To solve this problem and to create your own tinted moisturizer, simply mix favorite and most proven moisturizing and masking creams in the ratio of one to one.

As a result, you will receive a likeness of a light CC cream, which hydrates the skin and covers flaws and looks natural, like an expensive tool. Apply it on clean skin before you apply cosmetics.

The perfect black eyeliner

If you have saved money on black eyeliner, and now regret it, do not rush to throw away a bad purchase. Most often cheap pencils are too hard, that is unpleasant when applied to the eyelids, and black color is not enough rich. You can fix it with… lighters! Yes, you heard right, normal lighters. We certainly don’t advise you to draw arrows of coal, as the beauty of the stone age, but a regular lighter is capable to revive your pencil. Sharply sharpen it and a few seconds hold the tip of the stylus over the heat, then allow to cool slightly. Due to the effect of the temperature of the pencil will be softer, and the color pigments aktiviziruyutsya — you can draw a perfect line.

Old brush, new mascara

Often the secret to applying mascara is not expensive in its wonderful composition, and the proper brush. Thus, you need to spend money on mascara only once, picking up a brush appropriate for you personally. And then you can just buy cheaper options, but use them with a favorite tool. To refuse the expensive mascara you can in favor of democratic brands. Most importantly — choose a proven hypoallergenic means that will not hurt your eyes.

The effect of expensive lipstick

Inexpensive means to look also ideal as the models of leading brands, learn how to paint lips.

To begin, apply the first coat of lipstick without using a liner. Gently blot with tissue, then apply a second coat. This simple method will allow you to achieve the desired effect, and even the most simple tool will last much longer.

Use an expensive tool in the least

This beauty secret will simplify your life and help you to significantly save money on cosmetics. Just make it a rule to use expensive and higher quality tools in the latest turn — as a final touch. For example, you can wash your hair with regular shampoo most of the mass market, but complete the process by applying the effective mask. Or once you have finished your makeup, lightly powder the face with your favorite face powder — that it certainly is not worth saving.

In short, don’t be afraid to mix in your Arsenal of cheap and expensive tools!

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