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Educational cars in Ukraine has brought new demands

К учебным автомобилям в Украине предъявили новые требования To operate the new standard.

In Ukraine cars for learning management equated to specialized vehicles – 15 June, entered into force on GATS 3849: 2018 “Color schemes, markings, decals, and special signals are operational, specialized and special vehicles. General requirements” (standard).

As the press service of the Main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, it happened in accordance with the order of the State enterprise “Scientific-research and training center of problems of standardization, certification and quality” of 22 March 2018 № 81 “On approval and cancellation of national normative documents”.

“The standard training vehicles used for training management, assigned to the category of specialized vehicles.

The standard lists the color schemes, markings and labels applied to such vehicles”, – stated in the message.

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