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Eduardo Sanchez about a possible future “of the Blair Witch project” on TV

The cult horror series “Blair Witch” has a chance to knock on the territory of the series after “Evil dead”, “the Wolf pit” and “Tremors”. On a said the Director of the original film Eduardo Sanchez in the podcast program of Diminishing Returns:

For us is quite likely the opportunity to propose: “Hey, let’s have a series on “the Blair Witch”, with the participation of the creators of the original and new promising Directors!”.

On the question, decided whether Sanchez anthology, a prequel or a selection in the genre of “found film”, the Director replied:

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Actually, now that I can’t discuss it. But, for me, the idea of an anthology on “the Blair Witch” is really great. So you are very close.

Of course, no official statements about the development of the show has not followed yet, but the idea is really interesting – because in this story loud snoring huge untapped potential, which failed to awaken the creators of the recent third film. That’s just about participating in the development of Sanchez personally I was plagued by vague doubts – in my opinion, extremely unfortunate “Little Molly” proved that success came to him soon for a good selection of material, not talent. What about the series “Witches from Blair” do you think?

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