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Editor-in-chief of the famous Russian media accused of harassment

Главреда известного российского СМИ обвинили в домогательствахEditor in chief of Medusa resigned.

After allegations of “misconduct” has temporarily resigned the chief editor of the Internet publication “Medusa” Ivan Kolpakov. According to the source, the BBC News, talking about the allegations of harassment (sexual harassment).

Responsibilities Kolpakov will perform the General publication Director Galina Timchenko, who worked as a chief editor of “Medusa” since the founding of the publication in 2014 and lost the post Kolpakov in January 2016.

The reason caps have asked a provisional suspension, allegations of harassment, said two sources familiar with the situation. Founder and General Director of “jellyfish” Galina Timchenko did not answer the question of whether the care Kolpakova with accusations of harassment. “Some time ago there was a nasty incident. Ivan was accused of impropriety. Ivan Kolpakov he asked me to relieve him of the duties of the editor in order for the Board of Directors apprised of the situation and made the weighed decision”, – she said.

Kolpakov himself confirmed the resignation, but for the reasons expressed evasively, calling their accusations of “misconduct”. “I want this situation sorted out without my participation. Other comments will be possible only after the Board of Directors,” said Kolpakov. On specifying question, whether the charges of harassment, Kolpakov did not answer. According to sources, we are talking about one incident that happened at the party after the General conference of “Medusa” in October 2018 in Riga. Timchenko wrote in Facebook that the person nominated accusations Kolpakova does not work “Medusa”.

According to the BBC, it is about the wife of one of the employees who had reported this case to the colleagues. He claimed that his behavior editor allegedly accompanied by a commentary stating that it is for nothing, sources say. This comment aroused the resentment of colleagues. Caps tried to call the incident “a bad joke”, sources say. But in the end he temporarily ceased to be the chief editor. The final decision will be made by the Board of Directors, which is to meet in the first week of November.

The website “jellyfish” launched in the fall of 2014, the journalists who left the online edition after a conflict with its owner, Alexander Mamut. The one in March 2014 Timchenko was dismissed from the post of chief editor, from “Tape” in protest resigned the vast majority of employees. Timchenko became the owner of a new publication and its first chief editor. Kolpakov, who worked in “Tape” head Department of special correspondents, became her Deputy. In 2016, Timchenko announced that it intends to focus on administrative work, and the new chief editor will be the caps.

The editors of “Medusa” is located in Riga, the names of their investors, the publication does not disclose.

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