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Ed Skrein ozvereet in the restart of “Hellboy”

The star of “Deadpool”, English actor ed Skrein, got a role in another kenogamissi. This time he will play the character known as major Ben, Daimio, in a new adaptation of “Hellboy”.

We keenly follow the project, because at the helm himself, Neil Marshall (“dog soldiers,” “Descent”). In addition, promises a hard R rating, and the title role will be performed by David harbour (“Very strange things”).

At the moment, “Hellboy” slowly assembles a team, and while each replenishment makes us happy.

But back to ed Screenu. In the comic book publisher Dark Horse about our beloved red guy character Ben Daimio is a permanent member of the Bureau of paranormal research and defense. He also has supernatural powers: while outbursts of anger or pain man turns into a real Jaguar. And yet he had a terrible scar on half his face, which seem like Damio all the time grins.

Recall what we know about the plot:

Hellboy will have to face with an ancient witch known as Bloody Queen, which is going to destroy humanity.

While as usual, but gut says it will be something cool.

Boyfriend from Hell along with the rest of the paranormal team we will see in 2018.

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