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Ed Skrein left restart “Hellboy” because of the racial scandal

A week ago we wrote that ed Skrein freak out the new version of “Hellboy” from Neil Marshall, but a talented actor stayed in the draft a few days. The reason for this was allegations of so-called “whitewashing” or “bleaching” is when Hollywood kinodela white take on the role of characters of another race, thereby provoking the seething masses.

Screen had to play the role of major Ben Daimio from the Bureau of paranormal research and defense, which according to Canon is Asian. This news did not go unnoticed by the fan community and the creators immediately showered with numerous claims. Say again for a Hollywood audience all repainting as you can! Earlier in whitewashing accused and “Dr. Strange” and “Ghost in the shell”, so nothing new has happened. Some bombs from a black arrow, and others of the “whitening” of Asian characters.

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However, the crane is very serious about all this. He made an open statement and decided to leave the project. However, the actor stressed that he did not know about the nationality of his character in the original, when I accepted the role of Daimyo.

It is clear that it is important for people correct representation of the character and from a cultural point of view. If this be neglected, we only reinforce the trend on the infringement of ethnic minorities in art. And she is already causing concern. I am sure that such things cannot be ignored. So I decided to leave the project, the filmmakers were able to choose for this role a more suitable person.

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Also, Screen said that he was very sad to leave “Hellboy”, but he believes it was the right decision. The son of actor mixed a lot of blood, so to ethnic issues, he understands. Well, his successor in the project is now guaranteed attention.

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