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Eater, which became the “calling card” of Scotland. Photo

Людоед, ставший «визитной карточкой» Шотландии. ФотоThe legend of the cannibal Sonne Bina attracts tourists.

History of Alexander “Sonne” Bina rather ambiguous and shrouded in too many legends, controversy and innuendo, so that some even doubt whether there were actually such a person. He and his group are credited with mass murder, cannibalism against more than a thousand (!) people, and now, regardless of whether Sonne in fact or not, he is one of the main attractions of the capital of Scotland.

Людоед, ставший «визитной карточкой» Шотландии. Фото

The picture Sonne bean and his wife at the entrance to his cave.

History of Alexander “Sonne” Bina (Alexander “Sawney” Bean) began in the mid-fifteenth century when one of the regular rural boys suddenly realized that to live like the rest to work and earn money for food work is not for him. Sonne found himself a lady love, which many in the district believed to be a witch, and went with her out of “honest people”. Together with his wife they settled in one of the caves in the area of modern South Ayrshire, and quietly lived together.

Людоед, ставший «визитной карточкой» Шотландии. Фото

David Hayman in the role of Sonne Bina in the CineCrystal legends.

For 25 years the couple had 14 children and 22 grandchildren. Rumor has it that many of the kids were born as a result of incest, but significantly no one could say about the collection Bins for the simple reason that all who met them, was killed. Not wanting to grow vegetables and fruits or raise livestock, the simplest way to collection Bins were looting. Not to leave witnesses, all of his victims family were killed. At some point, Bina realized that the loot is simply not enough to feed such a large family, and they were killed to bring the travelers to his cave, where he butchered them and ate, and the remaining meat is marinated the more lean times.

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Людоед, ставший «визитной карточкой» Шотландии. Фото

The picture Sonne Bina family split their victims.

Times of famine did not come, on the contrary – the entire clan of Bins so well learned to surround and kill travelers (and they did it only at night to avoid unnecessary witnesses), that meat was too much and Bina began to throw the separate parts of victims in a nearby reservoir. Of course, soon the inhabitants of the villages by the sea began to find suspicious and remains seriously worried. That next to them in the cave lives a clan of 48 members of one family, nobody even guessed. Day they appeared in public, night always acted harmoniously and effortlessly. The cave in which the family lived, periodically flooded, so no it is not even researched. The murder accused everyone who looked suspicious, especially given the owners of the taverns, because often they were the last person to see the victims still alive.

Людоед, ставший «визитной карточкой» Шотландии. Фото

The picture Bina family for dinner.

About how I had a family Bins, there are several versions. According to one family assaulted an elderly couple who were returning from the fair, but after killing them, Bina met with a group of 20 people who also was going home from the fair, and saw it happening. Another version says that the couple was not elderly, and the man was a trained fighter, and he fought with the Beans, so those did not even notice the right people. The third version says that one of the victims of the Bins had a gun, and this man managed to fire before dying, thus giving the signal to the search groups that there is something wrong.

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Людоед, ставший «визитной карточкой» Шотландии. Фото

David Hayman in the role of Sonne Bina in the CineCrystal legends.

Learning that is attacked by the cannibals who live somewhere, and not visiting, the local requested assistance from the king. He learned about the scale of atrocities, organized a group of 400 people with hunting dogs. Together with volunteers from the local population they found a cave in which he lived Sonne Bean and all of his extended family. Handle with armed men and dogs Bina could not, and the criminals were arrested and taken to Glasgow. There with the cannibals dealt very cruel, not even giving the right to a trial. Men’s genitals cut off, severed arms and legs and left to die from pain and blood loss. Women and children were made to watch the execution, after which they also killed, burned alive as witches, on a huge bonfire.

It is difficult to say whether this story actually, but anyway, it has become an integral part of local folklore. Today you can order a guided tour where tourists will spend “significant places”, this story has inspired at different times by different writers and filmmakers, including filmmakers Wes Craven “the hills Have eyes.”

Людоед, ставший «визитной карточкой» Шотландии. Фото

The legend of the cannibal Sonne Binet and his numerous family.

However, in Scotland, of course, is not only bloodthirsty legends, but also other attractions that may be of interest to any tourist, even the most demanding.

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