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“Easting” Alexey Ivanov gained the cover

In early September we reported that the famous writer Alexey Ivanov (“Dorm-on-Blood”, “Heart of Parma”, “Geographer globe propyl”) has decided to re-look into the territory of dark literature. Experience with duologue on genderology ambiguous, maybe with a new owner do better?

Publishing house “AST” announced the novel “Easting”, which will be released in the series “New Alexey Ivanov”. We already have the cover art itself is quite nice. And girl-the pioneer depicted there for a reason.

Yulia Zaitseva, producer Ivanov, described the impending book:

It’s scary serious text about the pioneers of the vampires, a dangerous and mysterious group lurking in the summer camp hot summer of the Olympics-80. Ivanov Packed Thriller into a box of realism. The vampires in red ties fit in perfectly in a serious format. It turned out metasternite cocktail, in which ostrosyuzhetnogo, irony and paradoxical fear mingled with tenderness, nostalgia and subtle humor.

Sounds interesting, fans mrachnaja and just good literature at least worth to take the book on the note.

For sale “Easting” should appear at the end of the year.

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