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Earth has predicted a collision with Mars

Земле предрекли столкновение с МарсомScientists were able to find traces of chaotic processes in the Solar system.

Meyers and his colleagues came to the conclusion that the Solar system is a chaotic system, that is, its behavior is sensitive to changes in the initial conditions. In this case, this means that even small changes keplerova elements of the orbit of the planet can trigger through a long period of time, large changes in the dynamics of the entire system.

Scientists were able to find traces of chaotic processes in the Solar system. To do this, using geological data tracked the changes of the light flux incident on the planet. Fluctuations in energy in turn caused by the change of the orbital elements of the planet and lead to climate changes. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Scientists have known that the last 50 million years the orbit of the Earth slightly change its form with a frequency of 2.4 million years. With about the same regularity was noted and climate change. However, the Dating of specimens found in Colorado showed that about 85 million years ago the frequency was 1.2 million years.

The doubling of the periodicity of climate change scientists associated with the interaction of Earth and Mars. In their opinion, such a phenomenon inherent in chaotic systems.

In particular, this means that in the coming billions of years the Earth and Mars, if they still will not be destroyed by the Sun, unable to face. Scientists meanwhile say that the probability of disaster is extremely small.

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