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Early concepts of “Alien” is significantly different from what we saw in the movie (PHOTOS)

“In space no one can hear you scream” – perhaps this phrase is familiar to all, or almost all fans of horror. And with it characters, monsters, items and everything else that is somehow related to the universe of Others. We know and love it the way seen in movies, and in another way to imagine it is simply impossible. Dark, horse, literati, Space jockeys – those images firmly imprinted in our memory. However they could look very different.

As you know, the writer Dan O’bannon, selling “Alien” 20th Century Fox, was directly involved in creating the design for a future film. He decided to divide powers and to hire three different artists to each worked on their task.

Ron Cobb, who worked with O’bannon on “Dark star” (Dark Star, 1974), has received an important mission: to build the earth ship, “the Snark”, where will develop the main action (after all the changes “Snark” will turn into the spacecraft “Nostromo”). Also O’bannon considered ideal candidates Chris Voss and Hans Rudi Giger. The first seemed to be a great choice to create a mysterious alien ship, and the picture of the second so far inspired the writer during his work. According to him, he had never seen anything so eerie and beautiful at the same time. The Studio has hired Cobb and FOSS, but the candidacy of H. R. Giger enthusiasm from bosses is not caused. Who could know that in the end it is with gierowski “biomechanics” will be associated with the film.

Anyway, the artists have created concepts for a scenario that differed from the final variant. With the appearance of a Stranger could not decide until the very end. Looking at the arts now, understand: this would be another movie. Is it better, worse – doesn’t matter. It would be different. Today we have a unique insight into a parallel universe where face-crab thing looks like a huge shrimp, and a Stranger is a close relative of Cthulhu.

FOSS and O’bannon

The alien ship

Inside of the ship. The space jockey

Pyramid of Others, which originally was supposed to find eggs

Similar “Pyramid” with a hall for sacrifices, we will see much later in the crossover with Predators

The original appearance of literata

And it is, in fact, a Stranger. The severed head of one of the crew members

Well, it was all over, you know

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