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Early access MMO came out for stalkers

Из раннего доступа вышла MMO для сталкеровNext Day: Survival is available on Steam.

10 months ago Next Day: Survival launched in early access on Steam, and now has grown to the final version. The authors of the post-Soviet MMORPG say they did a great job, so if you missed the game last time, can look for her again.

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Next Day: Survival you will visit the fictional territory of the former USSR, which was covered with a poisonous mist. The main task — to survive, to develop skills and to interact with the outside world, other players and characters. Next Day: Survival offers story line, transport, crafting, and multiple factions with their own features.

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During testing, the game has acquired new locations, items, weapons, animals (including unique creatures-bosses) quests. The developers have fixed over a thousand bugs, and finished the lighting, visual effects and graphics in General.

Next Day: Survival is available on Steam.

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