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Dzhigurda with his wife suddenly received a huge inheritance

Джигурда с женой неожиданно получили огромное наследствоNikita Dzhigurda got a multi-million dollar inheritance with his wife Marina Anisina those.

She became the owners of the property and money of the deceased entrepreneur Lyudmila Bratash.

For a long time Jugurta and his wife could not prove the authenticity of the will. A few days Kuntsevsky court ruled that the will Bratash present, therefore, three apartments in Moscow, apartment in France and foreign currency accounts in several banks will belong Dzhigurda and Anisina those.

After the court decision Nikita Dzhigurda went to the press. He believes that journalists should apologize to him for libel and humiliation he suffered during the trial concerning the will.

“I expect an apology from TV and the media who believed Koronowo-Romanov lies! I am merciful I don’t need war! World peace! In the name of spiritual punks!” – said the chair.

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