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“Dwarf” States of Europe. Photo

"Карликовые" государства Европы. ФотоEven the smallest country in the world can occupy a significant place in world politics and Economics.

They are all small, but each of them beautiful in their own way.

Presenting your attention the 10 most small European States.

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1. Vatican city (0.44 sq km)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

In fact, the walled enclave of the Vatican is a separate country, however, it has the status of a “sovereign city-state” under the control of the Pope. Whatever it was, with its 900 inhabitants, the Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world (both in area and in population). By the way, half of it is garden. In addition, in the Vatican you can admire St. Peter’s Basilica, the collections of local museums and photographed with a representative of the Swiss guard.

2. Monaco (1.95 sq km)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

Another tiny country, which has the status of a sovereign city-state Monaco. On the one hand it is surrounded by France, on the other – sea. Monaco holds many records: in the country the highest population density (16403,6 people per 1 square km) and the world’s lowest unemployment rate (invincible 0%). Rate is moored to the mooring luxury yachts of the richest people in the world or, if you are among the latter, lose a million at the casino! This year to better coincide with a trip to the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo (may 24-27).

3. San Marino (61 sq km)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

The tiny Republic of San Marino is the oldest of the currently existing sovereign States and all the world’s constitutional monarchies (founded on 3 September 301 ad). To make a day trip here from neighboring Italy. Join a crowd of other tourists and climb up to the Castello della Cesta, to buy some kitschy souvenir.

4. Liechtenstein (62 sq km)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

On the map sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland, little Liechtenstein is also proud of the records: this country has the world’s lowest external debt. In addition, there are other reasons to be proud: for example, the excellent conditions for practicing winter sports due to its location in the Alps. The capital of Liechtenstein Vaduz is better known as a Paradise for those who want to pay less taxes, than as a place to stay.

5. Malta (316 sq km)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

Republic of Malta is not one, but three Islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino). The country is located in the Mediterranean, South of Sicily and East of Tunisia. Because of this, Malta is always hot in summer and quite comfortable in the winter. The tourists are good all year round. At any time, you can see a curious prehistoric landmark, the megalithic temple complex gantija.

6. Andorra (468 sq km)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

Located in the Eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France, Andorra attracts millions of tourists. Travelers try to come here one day to save on taxes by buying cheap electronics, alcohol and cigarettes. The one who stays for a period longer than is required for the purchase of whiskey, can go skiing and snowboarding or climbing in years.

7. Luxembourg (2586 sq km)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is not included in the list of the main European tourist sites, but the fairy-tale medieval castle of Vianden, certainly deserves attention. The area of the Old city in the charming capital city of Luxembourg is the best place to try the national dish, judd mat gaardebounen – smoked pork in a creamy sauce with beans and potatoes.

8. Cyprus (9251 sq. km.)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

Ayia NAPA is famous for discos, loud parties and unbridled behavior of some tourists. But this is not all that can boast of Cyprus. Here, for example, created perfect conditions for diving. The wreck of the passenger ferry Zenobia (sunk in 1980 during her maiden voyage), near the port of Larnaca is considered to be one of the most interesting sites for divers in the world!

9. Kosovo (10887 square km)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

Appeared on the map only in 2008, Kosovo is not only one of the smallest, but also one of the youngest countries. The self-proclaimed Republic with almost 2 million inhabitants is recognized only partially, but as a tourist destination (let’s not about politics!) it is just amazing. Awaits you a lively and friendly capital Pristina, with its historic mosques, markets and cafes (do not pass by a three-storey portrait of bill Clinton!), as well as the resort of Brezovica. Mountains in Kosovo – one of the best in the Balkans places to practice skiing.

10. Montenegro (13812 sq km)

"Карликовые" государства Европы. Фото

Compact Montenegro in its small area holds a lot of surprises. These include the picturesque Adriatic coast with pretty fishing villages, secluded caves, beaches and more visited resorts. The mountain scenery is truly magnificent: among the lush forests of hidden lakes and rivers, and snowy peaks are all conditions for skiing. Kolasin is one of the best winter resorts of Montenegro.

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