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Durov has promised to introduce payments in Telegram

Дуров пообещал внедрить платежи в Telegram Myself Telegram will not store or process credit card data.

Pavel Durov announced that a Telegram will soon launch the beta version of the platform for payment.

With their help you can make purchases through bots created for messenger. In this case, the messenger will not take a Commission for making such payments. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Future innovation Pavel Durov announced in the format of stories, showing the rough draft of the announcement in the blog Telegram. It says that the platform will allow you to make purchases using bots they will have a special button for the payment.

The user will need to enter the data, but only once for a specific bot: after that, payments can be made in two clicks. The developers of bots will be able to choose a billing system that the user has already entered your card details, or offer one that has, for example, the lowest Commission.

While the majority of these transactions in the Telegram is done via Stripe. The creators of the other billing systems will also be able to connect to the messenger: Telegram primarily rely on services in developing countries.

Myself Telegram will not store or process credit card data, so the service will not have to deal with complaints, nor to return money to users. However, the messenger will be moderated: “We will do what needs to be done each Sheriff to kill the bad bots and reward the good.”

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