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During the year the number of child support debtors decreased by 12%

За год количество должников по алиментам сократилось на 12%Particularly active parents to pay debts in the first months of the law, which imposes sanctions on debtors alimony.

It is noted that in the first months the number of debtors decreased quickly. Monthly their debts extinguished more than five thousand people. Then, the rate has declined, but the trend is still positive monthly number of child support debtors becomes smaller.

“It was introduced four constraints: the travel abroad, the right to control hunting and for weapons. The most effective, in my opinion, the prohibition of travel abroad. Even if the debtor has been associated with travel abroad – this is not a privilege, and restrictions will be applied. According to my observations the effectiveness of the act to the debtors in percentage terms is no more than 10-15%,” – says the lawyer Oleg Protymoshenko.

At the same time, the lawyer noted, and the weaknesses of the reform: not all debtors have banned the travel abroad, not all debtors are guilty, as some of them do not know their duty, are not subject to penalties on parents who have no money.

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