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During the Eclipse the moon was a meteorite

Во время затмения на Луну упал метеоритThe fall of the meteorite looked like a tiny flash.

Observers of the lunar Eclipse of 21 January for the first time in the history of recorded meteorite impact on the moon’s surface during such an event.

The fall of the meteorite looked like a tiny flash of yellow-white spot, which appeared on the lunar surface during the online broadcast.

One Reddit user suggested that it was the impact of the meteorite, and the other searched the records of the Eclipse for the proof of this event. The flash is visible in at least three different videos.

Jose Maria Madedo from the University of Huelva in Spain has confirmed that it is indeed a meteorite. For many years he and his colleagues hoped to see the impact of a meteorite on the moon during a lunar Eclipse, but it is quite hard – hitting lunar meteorite has been filmed before, but not during the Eclipse.

“I had a feeling that this will be a time when this will happen,” says Madedo.

After the Eclipse, the software automatically determined the flash in the images recorded by multiple telescopes. This helps confirm that the flash observed by observers real time video, was not just an optical anomaly on the sensors of the camera.

“I was very, very happy when it happened,” says Madedo. He notes that the flash was quite bright and occurred at the moment when the Eclipse itself was not too bright, perhaps facilitating detection of the impact.

Although scientists still have not formally calculated the size of the space rock that collided with the Moon, Madedo believes that it weighed about two kilograms and was about the size of a soccer ball.

“The combination of darkened surface and a large number of people watching this will dramatically increase the likelihood that the outbreak was noticed – and it reminds us that the Solar system is still a very dynamic place,” says Robert Massey of the Royal astronomical society.

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