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Dumb pennies “Naftogaz” to buy gas in the middle of winter

Грошей нема: "Нафтогазу" не на что закупать газ в разгар зимы

Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz will start in 2019 with a minimum balance of funds on accounts, which inevitably will cause difficulties with the purchase of gas during the peak heating season.

This was stated by the head of the company Andrey Kobelev.

“For several years on Wednesdays Naftogaz publishes information about the debts of our customers receiving gas on preferential terms. Today I would like to elaborate on this and other financial issues that are the source of threats for the purchase of gas during the peak heating period.

One of the root problems is that the group Naftogaz sells gas at below market prices. According to article 11 of the law “On gas market”, the Cabinet is obliged to compensate such losses. Overall, for the period October 2015 to the end of June 2018, the Cabinet has to compensate the group Naftogaz 102 900 000 000 UAH. Which we could direct on development of production of Ukrainian gas, which would have paid taxes and dividends. But this did not happen,” writes COBOL in Facebook.

“Moreover, even funds that the group had to get, selling gas at a discounted price, the full amount is not paid is another big problem. So, at the moment the total debt of the beneficiaries to Naftogaz is 57 500 000 000 UAH.

In particular 24 700 000 000 UAH owed “assbite”, 32 900 000 000 UAH — heaters and CHP. Naftogaz uses all legal tools for collecting debts, but sometimes it’s hopeless.

Another factor, which negatively affects our financial position, are debts of the regional gas companies and other customers for services. As of the end of October they exceeded 28 300 000 000 UAH. Here is the first cast group of regional gas companies with a debt of 18 700 000 000 UAH.

The result of the influence of these factors?” — asks subscribers oligarch.

And immediately responds:

“In 2018, Naftogaz has a negative net cash flow. We will go into 2019 with minimal remnants of funds that hampers the purchase of gas during the peak heating period. Threatened and development projects of gas production, the modernization of the GTS. It is only the company needs the following year in at least 38 billion UAH. investment and is a very conservative estimate.

In General, we see that 2019 we expect a shortage of liquidity with a capacity of 35 200 000 000 UAH”.

And that’s what’s expected of ordinary Ukrainians and all these astronomical figures will affect the temperature in homes and apartments, schools and hospitals, hospices and kindergartens?

“Russian Spring”has already reported about the termination of the Odessa University in winterbecause of freezing cold in the classroom.

We will remind, 19 Oct Maidan government announced an increase from 1 November in gas prices by 23.5%. Poroshenko said that without an increase in gas prices it was impossible to do, as this would deprive Ukraine IMF tranche, without which it would have to forget about the economy.

Immediately this was followed by heating to collapse in several cities of Ukraine: only a relatively small Kryvyi Rih, November 12, more than half a million residents organized a protest action near the building of the company “Krivorozhgaz”. On November 14 in Kiev picket with the requirement to provide the city of Ukraine with warmth. The demonstrators set up at the entrance to the building of “Naftogaz” barrel with fuel and ignited her.


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