Monday , October 26 2020
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Dull and out of tune

Уныло и фальшиво

Political strategy notes on the cuffs.

Advertising, motivating citizens to vote for the amendments, contains many absurdities.

First, it does not explain the impact of the adoption of the amendments.

Second, people are poorly informed, notes procedure: as in normal elections, or in electronic format? By the way, e-voting recently was criticized at a high level, and now suddenly turn 180 degrees!

Thirdly, the content of the video is puzzling: I vote for the amendment on natural resources, because nature is our mother?!

Or: amendment of the social guarantees. What is this guarantee? How should they be understood? They did not have before? Or was, but not the same? Who’s stopping you to fulfill them since 2001?

The funny thing is that the main point of this show Putin forever — are getting tired so clumsy that I feel shame and embarrassment for colleagues. However, it does not matter to PR people — they guys are professional and to their customers.

In General, while everything that caught the eye, makes a bad impression: dull and out of tune to vomit.

As something went wrong in the sovereign Democrats to the deep interest of the Russians.


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