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Due to the overhaul in Kiev may die in a historic building

Из-за капремонта в Киеве может погибнуть историческое зданиеResidents of the historical house in the center of Kiev urged the city authorities to stop illegal overhaul in one of the apartments.

In Kiev on the street 92/39 can collapse in a residential building, a monument of architecture.

The four-storey building on the street 92/39 was built in 1908. According to residents, in November 2016, one of the neighbors started major repairs in his apartment. A month later on the front and rear facades of the building appeared massive balcony designs, steel metal beams end-to-end the full width of the house.

Later on the walls of the building cracks. According to estimates by residents, already on the exterior wall creates an additional unexpected load of 2-3 tons, and after the glazed balcony metal plastic Windows, the weight will increase. “If this will continue, and the balcony is completed, the situation becomes dangerous for both occupants of our house, and for people passing under the house,” complained the residents.

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To assess the legality of the construction of the residents have filed appeals in Goloseevsky RGA, the Department of protection of cultural heritage KSCA and the Department of planning and architecture KSCA, but the response had not been received. Meanwhile, the walls of the house continue to crumble, and in the apartment over the balcony burst the window sill.

According to the Vice−President of the Academy of construction of Ukraine, General Director of the company “Center of technical solutions−group” Viktar lyashchynski, work in building will be classified as reconstruction. And because the building is a monument of architecture, and, accordingly, has IV category of difficulty, it is necessary to conduct a number of examinations and obtain the appropriate permission from authorities for the protection of cultural heritage.

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“Reconstruction needs to happen with the research Foundation of the house. In addition, those conducting the reconstruction, was supposed to report on the condition of the house from the Department of cultural heritage protection, as well as to agree on and approve the draft of the passport of the facade,” said Leszczynski. He added that the house is protected by law as a monument of architecture, therefore, the reconstruction can not be done with a huge removal of the structural elements of the balcony.

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