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Due to new traffic regulations on the roads Kropiwnicki chaos

Из-за новых ПДД на дорогах Кропивницкого хаосDrivers receive different instructions on how to pass the “circle”.

Since then, as the Verkhovna Rada has changed the rules of the road and decided to consider “the circle” at the main intersections, drivers are confused, because someone heard about this law, and some of the concept of it has not. So almost a month On the Ukrainian roads constant chaos because of changes to the rules of movement of vehicles across the intersection, as someone wants.

Kropiwnicki is one of the few Ukrainian cities, where previously, all of these intersections was a rule of “right of interference”. It meant that those who were moving in a circle must yield to those who on him call. That is now all the way around, drivers will learn from the patrol that pulled over for a violation. And resent the lack of appropriate signs that explain to them that by law they are not required.

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