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Dude is becoming a problem for the Kremlin

Дудь становится проблемой для Кремля

Yesterday expressed the opinion that Yuri Dude with Andrei Kolesnikov is “the other Dude”. And before that, millions of views he had, and some topics were collected and half or even two dozen million, but the Kremlin is not particularly worried.

The “old” Dude was talking about painful problems of the country and society, but little did anyone of them says: the inhabitants of the Kremlin listening to everyone in the depression will flow and time to any pleasant things will remain. And this Dude is about power and Putin, of lies, hypocrisy and staging, underlying their activities. That is, the camera and microphone he’s already inside the Kremlin stuck there and stirs. Therefore, it becomes Yuri Dude from now on the Kremlin’s problem.

— No, no problem for the Kremlin, the Dude was not and will not, argue opponents-journalists from system-opposition media. — They spit through his Kremlin wall to any criticism, and the YouTube video do not watch.

Noooo, look! More like a watch — and react quickly. Polyubopytstvuyte, how was your yesterday’s meeting of Putin with the residents of St. Petersburg. No around him become familiar faces of the representatives of the “common people”, even “fisherwoman Sonia,” no. And no one hands reaches out to kiss, and on my knees no begging. Instead, “grabbed the throat” is really a simple woman with your questions, how to survive on a pension of 10 thousand 700 rubles, now how do services communal, etc., and snik, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Says something in a low voice, and the feeling from watching this movie that he was scared.

And the answer is that they — the authorities — are now special programs to combat poverty take not very convincing. On the faces of people read the question:

— Well, Yes, of course, right now, and rush to fight poverty. 20 years in power, trillions of easy oil RUB whizzed past the people into the pockets of the “inner circle” friends, and now the program got to develop…

So YouTube and they look and people’s reactions closely. And Yuri Dude is becoming a problem because he was beginning to believe more than the “evening loudmouth” and even Andrei Kolesnikov.

PS I even Have a fear arose that they and hockey with Putin will no longer show.

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