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Dubai will host the international gastronomy festival

В Дубае состоится международный гастрономический фестивальIt will be attended by dozens of cafes, restaurants and eateries that will introduce the guests of the Emirate’s gastronomic trends.

In 2017, the Dubai food festival will be held from 23 February to 11 March. It will be attended by dozens of cafes, restaurants and eateries that will introduce visitors to Dubai with cuisines from all over the world and culinary trends.

“For 17 days, you will explore a wide range of delicacies, and meet with fresh solutions in the field of Haute cuisine and serves traditional Emirati cuisine. The Dubai food festival gives you the opportunity to explore all the culinary abundance of the Emirate in which there is a place and a colorful meal in the desert, and exquisite dinner on the shore of the Persian Gulf”, — said the Executive Director of Corporation of tourism and Commerce marketing of Dubai Issam Kazim.

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The festival at the site of Etisalat Beach Canteen will not only tasting. Guests can enjoy beach yoga and play sports games. Here you can get acquainted with the local restaurants to taste the dishes of street food at the fair food trucks or picnic on the beach, as well as participate in cooking classes Al Islami under the guidance of renowned chefs.

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Within restaurant week Miele 15 gourmet restaurants across the city will present a special menu of three dishes at an attractive price in AED 199 ($ 54). The promotion is valid from 23 February to 4 March.

In addition, festival guests will be able to tour “the Hidden pearl of Dubai”, which includes visits to the top ten, but also the lesser-known places culinary map of Dubai.

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