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Dry cough: best folk remedies

Сухой кашель: лучшие народные средстваThe cough acts as a protective reaction of the body.

Before turning to the pharmacy for remedies for treatment of cough homemade drugs that is certainly available to every housewife.

About them told the experts from Spain.

Dry cough is a type of cough where the throat is not made of mucus and phlegm. It can be called as allergies and dust in the atmosphere. Colds also often causes a dry cough, which negatively affects the health of the person. Its causes are viral infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, Smoking, COPD and some other ailments. Here are a few home remedies that effectively help dry cough.

Gargling. Salt water has been used for centuries in combating dry cough, which is caused by throat irritation. Water eases the discomfort caused by coughing, it also helps heal the throat through a process called osmosis (the movement of fluid through the cell membrane).

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Med. A great alternative to drugs for the treatment of cough, which is effectively used by adults and children. However, children under two years of age should not eat honey because of the threat of botulism. This product has analgesic properties, it reduces excess mucus and soothes the throat. It is a powerful antioxidant, fights against germs and effectively relieves pain in the throat. It can be mixed with warm milk or water.

Ginger. One of the best natural medicines for the treatment of coughs, has anti-inflammatory properties, effectively relieving from irritation of the throat. Fresh ginger, cut into small pieces, you need to chop. Then paste it into a glass of water and boil. Use only after cooling. Drink this composition is recommended three times a day in case of non-stop coughing.

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Turmeric. Turmeric has therapeutic effect on cough due to the component curcumin, effectively fighting viral infections. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, is a strong antioxidant. Add one teaspoon of turmeric extract and black pepper in a glass of water. Boil about two to three minutes until, until the liquid is reduced by half. For more taste you can add some honey and drink three times a day.

Garlic. One of the best natural remedies treat cough. The active component allicin is able to fight with germs, bacteria and viruses. Allicin has numerous health benefits, it also strengthens the immune system. Add 2-3 garlic cloves in a glass of water and boil. You can add a teaspoon of oregano and a little water to cool and drink.

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