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Drunk resident of Poltava threw the stroller with the child on the roadside of the route

Пьяный житель Полтавщины бросил коляску с ребенком у обочины трассы The man just fell asleep.

In Karls district, Poltava region residents by car and noticed on the side of the wheelchair without an adult, which was a boy aged about a year.

On the scene left the police officers, who found that near the stroller sleeping man in a state of intoxication, which, however, was able to say that a child in a wheelchair is the son of his friend.

The baby was taken to Charles city hospital, his health is not threatened. Father was 35-the summer inhabitant of one of villages of the area. The man told that her one year old son myself, and live in the house with him and his parents. With 23-year-old wife lives, of her whereabouts he knew nothing.

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“That night went on a temporary part time, and asked his 38-year-old friend to deliver the baby with a stroller to her mother. Unfortunately, the father did not pay attention to the fact that the friend was intoxicated and later regretted it. Drunk man soon left the stroller with the baby on the roadside near the bridge, and he fell asleep,” he told police. Upon default on child care investigators Charles Department opened criminal proceedings under article 166 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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The sanction of specified article prescribes punishment in the form of restriction or deprivation of liberty for a term of two to five years.

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