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Drove Yandex-taxi filled with pepper three year old child

Hardly a large city, however, kids will be able to do without a taxi, but after such cases the desire to use their services disappears completely.

Водила Яндекс-такси залил перцем трёхлетнего ребёнка

Last night in St. Petersburg, the young father, his wife and child got into the vehicle aggregator, but the taxi driver refused to drive them due to the fact that the couple had three children.
Don’t know how exactly it was, but in the car scuffle ensued, and drove he put pepper trimmings all three of them right in the eye.

It’s trash, ladies and gentlemen.

How can we protect ourselves in a taxi?

According to professionals, the case of aggression, of course, increased. However, the aggregators don’t always side with the passengers. So what to do?

First, use only trusted aggregators. That’s the advice experts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work.

Secondly, never sit in the front seat.
Unfortunately, on the back we are not always safe.

Third, pay attention to the driver before the trip
If you notice that the driver behaves rudely towards you and starts to be rude, it is better to cancel the trip with him and call another car or choose another vehicle.

Fourth, if the driver started to show aggression during the trip.
Better just gently but firmly ask him to stop the car in a public place under the pretext that you need to exchange money or withdraw money from the ATM. After you leave the car, immediately ask for help from passers-by, call the police.

Always keep some gas or pepper spray.

If you feel something is wrong, call the police dispatcher or aggregator.

About the inadequate actions of the driver need to contact the taxi company. In applications aggregators taxi there is a special section, where you can leave a complaint on a specific driver. You can also write a statement to the police.

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