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Drones told his version of the fatal accident in Kharkov

Дронов рассказал свою версию смертельного ДТП в ХарьковеThe man saw the Lexus Zaitseva, but didn’t think a second car may not stop.

Gennady drones, which is one of participants of road accident in Kharkov, which resulted in the fall of last year, six people were killed, gave the first testimony in court.

“The fact that I do not admit the guilt in this tragedy cannot be athomason circumstance. In my place could be any of the drivers that pass this intersection. I’m not admitting legal guilt, but I’m guilty as the man. A thousand times regretted that he had been that night in that place and that was born,” said Kharkov.

The man claims that stopped at the intersection and saw in the distance the headlights of a Lexus car, but did not consider them a danger to themselves. The driver of the Volkswagen Touareg has stated that it is not thought that a second car may not stop, and therefore had no time to react when she flew in front of him.

“I braked at least 23 meters to the intersection to see duplicate traffic light. I do not remember the signal went, but immediately behind the van that stood in the far left lane. At that time my speed was about 40 kilometers per hour. Beep I have not heard” – said Gennady drones.

In his speech, the man said that immediately after the accident he could not come to the victim after he was in the hospital, and then he needed time to “figure things out”.

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